Our virtual platform gives you the opportunity to experience a real conference atmosphere without ever having to leave your comfort zone.


Virtual world is now at your mouse click!



Every single meeting hall is another world your attendees can jump from one another.
Worry about missing simultaneously active content? Your attendees will now walk these halls even when the event is over.

We archive, you achieve!

e-poster area

All e-posters will be easy to access on the Netmice Virtual Platform. With the feature of uploading video and sound recording on your PDF poster visual, there is no hesitation of missing the poster presentation session or slot it into the tight scientific program times. Attendees and presenters can visit e-poster area to view all posters whenever they wonder.

Platform allows presenters to upload their e-poster in PDF format and a 5 minutes audio and video recording to accompany their e-poster. E-poster abstracts will be always available in the virtual platform for the participants during the congress and in an online archive for announced duration following the congress.

Another way out of making new connections and sharing your knowledge is;

e-mail can be sent directly to the presenter’s email by clicking the envelope icon.


between attendees

A virtual event without networking is just a webinar! Platform allows attendees to get in touch and make meaningful connections in any lounge. 

Now it is possible to discover
who's at the event.

platform usage

We welcome your guests at our info desk with a direct face to face video chat integrability option. Our welcome crew will smile upon your entire organization without having to physically interacting.


Accessibility and

Whole convention center is in your hands! It is simple and well-organized with its quick hotspots which provide quick access to each part of platform. 

Add Sessions to
Outlook to Remind You

Netmice Virtual Platform is integrated with the platforms you use every day such as Outlook. Attendees can add sessions to Outlook calendar to remind themselves which they do not want to miss anymore.  

Entrance and

A fully customizable entrance and lobby area! We can arrange your lobby with images and videos of your choice, as well as with a possibility of an entirely new lobby area designed as it pleases you!

When joining the Netmice virtual platform attendees access a fully customizable entrance and lobby where a video greeting can welcome them. Consistent navigations and hotspots provide entry to the Meeting Halls, Exhibition Hall, Documentation Room, E-Poster Area, Info Desk and Private Meeting Rooms.

Choose from dozens of
design templates or create a completely custom design!

Exhibitor Booth

Your attendees meet your supporters in a way that was never possible before! Informative videos streamed, product posters and flags hanging! The power of our images will now combine with imagination.

Attendees can easily find sponsors and book virtual meetings with our conferencing feature. You can add live chat, video on demand, sharable content and more to replicate that live booth atmosphere. Booth views, meeting requests, engagement rates.

you will have all the data
you need!


Building awareness via a marketing strategy that has an irresistible appeal is the key to achieving high attendee numbers, conversions, applicants and leads for your business. Let’s look over your needs together and plan an attractive marketing to bring in a significant and relevant audience.


Exhibits have never been as customizable! No matter if you are showcasing a trade fair or a medical congress, we are ready to adapt in a matter of hours.

Sponsorships &
Branding Areas

Use branding areas in most attractive points in platform to display your brand and increase your sponsorship levels to give more visibility to attendees.

Detailed Reports for Attendance to Program

Do you want to know how much time attendees stayed in halls? Attendance to scientific program, current situation in halls – you will have all the data you may need.

Face to Face Meeting in Private Meeting Rooms

Socializing is everybody’s need nowadays. It is easy to find out who is here right now! Attendees can connect each other in private meeting rooms.


A central repository for your organization includes abstracts, documents, and links to web pages with search and bookmark tools.


Remote simultaneous interpretation translates what is spoken in the scientific halls or webinars during the live or recorded broadcasts. Attendees can choose original language section or translation in the hall. It is time to take one step out of domestic market and globalize!

Keypad in

A brilliant way to make sessions interactive, fun, and engaging! It is sufficient to give questions and answers a few hours prior the session and be ready to take the session’s pulse. Answers in pie chart is able to appear in a second upon you want to share with audience.

Announcements &
Push Notifications

An excellent way to update and engage attendees! Keep attendees informed of last-minute changes and upcoming meetings.


Specify a topic and gather the people there to discuss on it. Platform allows people to meet based on mutual topics and goals.


Netmice Vitual Platform allows you to identify different type of e-certificates for all attendees or specify to smaller groups. It is also possible to put a time limit for their attendance to scientific program to receive their certificate. All is in under the control. The only thing remains the attendees will experience your virtual event, then will just visit the info desk to download e-certificate in PDF format.


Drive attendee behaviors (visit booths, download materials, watch videos, attend webcasts, chat with representatives, etc.) by using our powerful gamification feature.

Incentivize them to interact throughout the environment. Assign point values by individual content item or action. Offer prizes or other incentives for activities and display current points on a real-time leaderboard.


If you want to conduct exams during your virtual event, now it is possible. The exam is in electronic format which enables you to immediately upon completion know whether you have passed or failed.


Sometimes all these tough schedules and long scientific programs make you tired. Let’s have some fun! With the several games can be customized for your brand, distracting attendees and marketing your brand is in one hand now. Engaging in activities will be a great way to boost morale for your attendees. Knowledge contest and quiz shows can be another choice to keep the energy high while learning.

Survey &

Collect more feedback for your event or individual sessions. Now it’s time to create a virtual post-event survey to hear from your audience. Whether for in-person or virtual events, post-event surveys are an incredibly valuable tool.

Specıal Projects for Every Budget

Netmice Virtual Platform fits for every type of event. Contact us to build a concept
for your project or set up a demo for your idea.